We buy auto parts scrap and sell useful parts. Call 
Sooner or later, car owners face the question of what to do with old auto parts, for example,
where does the acceptance of scrap cars and other parts work? How to sell car parts at a
bargain price? CarScraps is dealing with every client’s problem.

What scrap can be handed over at the collection points?

The company accepts scrap from all brands of generators. The moral and physical wear and
tear of the equipment do not matter. Batteries can also be returned immediately. A natural
question from a motorist: what to do if the part is completely out of order? Is it possible to get
money for a battery with drained electrolytes? The company’s points accept all scrap of
carburetors and other parts, regardless of its condition. 
That is, we pay for the following used goods:
You can also buy the following useful parts with us:
=> Parts of Motor
=> Body parts like doors
=> Air-conditioner/Compressor
=> CNG kit spares
=> Cooling system (Radiator)
=> Turbo
=> Gearboxes (Both Automatic and Manual)
=> Tires
=> Headlight
=> The suspension (springs, shock absorbers, and linkages).
=> Glass
=> Bumper
=> Rear/Side View Mirror
=> Alloy wheels
=> Generators,
=> Accumulators,
=> Cables,
=> Carburetors,
=> Starters,
=> Engines,
=> mixers,
=> fuel pumps.
Many old auto parts can be sold for money, from scrap generators to pumps. After all, even
an engine dismantled during the repair process is of some value, and it is not just metal. The
process of delivery and payment is carried out according to the standards and statutes of our
The price for a non-working battery depends on its original capacity. You can get more
detailed information about the current tariffs by calling our number. The procedure for

acceptance implies that the cost also depends on the degree of wear and the brand of the
manufacturer. Starter scrap can also be sold with us.

Convenient and profitable!

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